Sue Greeff

Sue Greeff

Talent Specialist

Sue joined us in March 2022 as a Delivery Consultant and is based in South Africa. 

Sue’s previous experience in the recruitment industry includes working in IT, Telecommunications and Sales proving that she has no trouble adapting to any situation and responding to the customer’s needs. She beholds a great passion for the environment and loves connecting with people and building relationships.

Sue is very sociable and outgoing and is always up for a good time! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, and traveling to exotic places as well as going on winter ski holidays! 

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She was very concise and polite, also understanding my current situation and experience very well and recommended me for a role in which I was very interested in. Sue was quick to feedback and pass my CV over to the company. She's just great!


Sorina A

R&D Materials Engineer