Molly Artingstall

Molly Artingstall

Talent Specialist

Molly Artingstall joined Astute as a Trainee Talent Specialist in October 2023.

Molly supports leading companies across the Power Generation industry to recruit the following sorts of roles:

·       Contract Managers

·       Mechanical Engineers

·       Civil Engineers

·       EC&I Technicians

About Imogen:

Molly joined Astute in October 2023, transitioning from a dynamic role in a pet insurance company.

Over three years, she navigated the bustling world of sales, swiftly moving from handling phone calls to leading a team as a Team Leader.

The experience of building her own team ignited an excitement for matching individuals to fitting job opportunities, a passion she brought to Astute.

Away from the professional sphere, Molly, a true Portsmouth local, harbours a love for travel, with eyes set on Egypt. 

Meanwhile, she explores the world of music, learning piano. Dance, especially contemporary choreography, is another avenue through which Molly expresses her creativity. 

This blend of discipline and imagination not only enriches her personal life but also brings a unique flair to her recruitment approach at Astute.


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