Work Experience at Astute: Lily's Story

This week Astute has been fortunate to be joined by Lily, a student at Brune Park School in Gosport, who has undertaken work experience with us.

Lily shared her thoughts on why she chose to do her work experience with Astute, and what she got to do.

I decided to do my work experience with Astute because I’ve got family friends who work here.

I haven’t done anything in an office of anything like this before, so I wanted to experience something new. 

It’s not as boring as I thought it might be!

On Monday I did some charity research, made some posters to support Astute’s bake sale in aid of Young Lives vs Cancer and made a calender for the rest of 2023 with upcoming events.

On Tuesday I worked with the marketing team, and I did some competitor analysis, looking at their websites and Facebook profiles. 

I also designed a new logo for the company and started writing this blog.

My third day at Astute saw me undertake a number of admin tasks such as paperwork and preparing desks for new starters.

Thursday is my final day at Astute before I go back to school. 

  • What Lily enjoyed the most: Working on the marketing side of the business
  • What Lily wanted to learn from the work experience: More of an insight into how an office works and the tasks people do on a day-to-day

Sam Bradshaw, Head of People at Astute, said, “It’s been fantastic to have Lily join us this week and get an understanding of what working in an office environment looks like. 

“As a business, we welcome work experience placements from schools, colleges and universities across the South Coast and would be open to any students contacting us to support their work placements.”

Astute is part of the EBP and the Solent LEP and undertake a lot of volunteer work getting children into careers. 

Terry Buckel, Astute’s Founder & CEO, is a board member of the EBP and Sam is an Enterprise Advisor for the Solent LEP linked with Priory School in Portsmouth.

For more information about Astute’s work experience offering, contact Sam on

About the author:

Lily’s favourite subject at school is art and she enjoys BMX racing outside of school. 

Long-term she would like to be a tattoo artist.