Who Are The Customer Success Team?

Astute are paving the way to a new way of recruitment with the introduction of our 100% candidate focused Customer Success Team. We have spoken to the leader of the CST team to help you understand more about how Astute can help you find the perfect next step in your career.

What is the CS Team?

“CS stands for Customer Success. The main ethos of the team is to put the Client’s needs to the front of everything we do. This can be acting as an extension of their own internal recruitment team and always delivering a speedy, efficient, and quality recruitment process.”

“The CST function provides a quick service for the 360 Consultants to enable the business to deliver on our promises. We are a flexible resource that can be mobilised for recruitment projects within the business that has launched the business to some impressive GP figures since the CST’s conception.”

What is the primary role of the CS Team?

“Internally we are working the vast amounts of vacancies that come through to Astute. Each CST member has their own technical discipline to focus on, giving each client a focused delivery option.”

How do you support candidates?

“We guide and assist candidates along the recruitment cycle, giving them advice on their CV’s, detailed interview preparation material, mock interviews and chasing for that all important feedback.”

How do you support clients?

“In short, we are able to provide a quality shortlist of candidates in record time. We’re using the CST function to pass back vital sector information about their vacancies. Highlighting salary trends, issues with skills in certain areas and setting expectations aligned with what the market looks like.”

How do you synergise with the other teams?

“I’m a huge advocate of being seen as an extension to any other team in the business. I’m a huge fan of my team going out on visits with the Recruitment Consultants and learning about every sector we do. We’ve had people walking around a power station in construction and the next week following waste through an MRF facility.”

What has the team’s impact been for the company?

“This has been really interesting to see. We have worked in partnership with every team and the results of this have seen some impressive months. December can be hit and miss in recruitment, and we have played a large part in December 2021 being our best ever. We’ve shaped the business to be very streamlined to deal with any volume of recruitment needed by our client base. The team started with a team of 6 in October 2021 and we’re currently (Feb 2022) up to 17 people and still hiring!”

Want to join the CS Team?

We’re still hiring! If you would like to be part of our growing team for the next step in your career, check out our listed vacancies here.