Renewable Energy and the Future of Energy Sector Jobs

Winds of change are blowing in the UK energy market. With the help of the largest installed wind base in the world, experts predict that use of clean renewable energy sources will outstrip that of fossil fuels here by 2030. 

New innovations have cut installation costs in half, and the Government has promised that their current policies will create 27,000 new renewable energy jobs.

One of these policies is an offshore wind sector deal which pledges to triple employment in the industry and eventually power one-third of the country. Along with a £250m Offshore Wind Growth partnership, these investments are predicted to lead to well-paid opportunities, particularly in the engineering field.

As these plans are rapidly put into action, the need to match workers with relevant skills and experience to the needs of power companies and projects is urgent.

Renewable energy is a broad, challenging, fast-moving field. It encompasses a variety of technologies--including solar PV, onshore and offshore wind, and energy storage, to name a few--and attracts people who want to explore diverse projects over the course of their careers. But beyond that, this sector is ideal for those who want to be leaders of the global green-energy future.

Minister of energy Claire Perry has set another goal for 2030: for one-third of renewable energy jobs to be filled by women. Female engineers are an important potential talent pool for this relatively young industry. A recent survey of women currently in renewable energy jobs showed 63% were in the first five years of their career-making them possible candidates for positions opening up down the line. The women who answered the survey were drawn to environmentally conscious jobs full of possibility for innovation.

Employers in the renewables sector who are seeking to take advantage of the large and diverse talent pool available to them should take care to try and attract a range of personalities. Many engineering skills are easily transferred to the renewable power industry, so don’t be afraid to open your options to those without direct experience in your specific niche. Flexible-working accommodations and a willingness to hire those with experience equivalent to a degree can further expand the possibilities.


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