Maximising Your LinkedIn Profile: Expert Advice from a Talent Specialist

Karianne Morris, Talent Specialist on Astute's Renewables team, shares her advice to candidates on how to maximise their LinkedIn profiles.

1) Keep your page updated and active

Update your page as soon as possible with any changes to your employment, skill set and other areas of importance, so recruiters can contact you about relevant roles that reflect your current experience.

Make sure to include your contact details - if you are happy to be contacted directly about relevant roles by calls/emails or SMS - so you don't miss out!

2) Use the right keywords

Utilise your headline and summary and don't forget to include relevant industry specific keywords. 

Using the right keywords is one of the most important practices for a LinkedIn profile, anyone conducting a search for the right talent will likely use job titles, responsibilities, qualifications and common words and phrases in their search parameters. 

By using the right words you will be more visible to recruiters and others looking for people in your field.

3) Highlight your experience

Include relevant jobs for the sector you want your career to go. 

Use two to four bullet points to showcase your key responsibilities in these roles, with the aim of demonstrating the impact you've made, initiatives you've led, changes you've enacted and results you delivered. 

4) Be socially active

Boost your visibility by expanding your network and engaging with more people in your sector. 

Join one or two groups and post relevant and informative content, along with three related hashtags so you can make the right connections.

5) Let recruiters know you are open to opportunities

You can change the "Career interests" setting in your dashboard to let recruiters know you are open to opportunities without your current employer being able to see.

About the author

Karianne Morris joined Astute in 2022 as a Delivery Consultant.

She is now a Talent Specialist in the Renewables team. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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