Astute’s Annual Awards Night

Recently, Astute gathered at the prestigious Marriott Hotel to celebrate the achievements and hard work of our exceptional employees throughout the year along with their partners.

The event was a grand testament to the dedication and success of the superb group of people we call our team, and a chance for everybody to celebrate the end of a brilliant financial year.

The night was kicked-off by announcing awards, where our deserved winners and teams were called up to receive their bottles of champagne (of course!) and personalised trophies in front of partners and colleagues. Some gave speeches, while others even sang their appreciation (we won’t mention any names, Greg). 

Following the incredible hype of the awards ceremony, everyone tucked into a three-course meal which was shared over laughter, drinks, and cheers.

It wouldn’t be an awards ceremony without a dance floor though, and the festivities continued throughout the night, with everyone dancing to their hearts’ content. 

We’d like to think that the dancing was due to skills rather than the open bar, but who are we to say? Regardless, it certainly had a part to play in keeping the spirits high as we all celebrated! 

To add a level of risk, casino tables were brought in to entice us all to blow our hard-earned money. Well, the money was as real as Monopoly money, but it still felt real!

For those who preferred not hurting themselves on the dancefloor (again no names, James), the photobooth offered an excellent escape. Thanks to the quirky themed costumes and accessories, we captured hilarious moments that will be cherished (and shared 😉) for years to come. 

We extend a special thank you to the Marriott Hotel for their warm welcome and impeccable service throughout the entire evening. The hall, adorned with an excellent lighting system for fantastic photos, was complemented by the friendly staff and inviting atmosphere, creating a truly memorable occasion for all.

Lastly, we express our gratitude to Emily, our Executive Assistant, for masterfully organising this outstanding event in the only way she knows how; perfectly. 

From start to finish, the evening was flawlessly executed, leaving an unforgettable memory for all and their partners. Emily's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence made this celebration an unforgettable highlight of the year. Thank you, Em!

As we bid farewell to our financial 2022, we are incredibly excited for the future; confident that the next year will bring even greater success and accomplishments for our remarkable team and company.

Fantastic work, everyone!