Astute Triumphs in Recruitment Industry Culture Survey

Astute Technical Recruitment was named as one of the industry’s standout performers at this year’s The Recruitment Network (TRN) Summer Retreat at the De Vere Beaumont Hotel in Windsor on 10-11 July.

Astute scored highest in the TRN’s culture survey, which was conducted by MyPeople specialists in measuring the environmental, behavioural and psychological factors that affect team performance.

It was the largest recruitment industry study of its kind, which saw 699 people from 46 companies take part.

Terry Buckel, Founder and CEO of Astute, said, “We are a people business and I want to put people firmly at the heart of everything we do”.

“The most successful businesses can only thrive because they are underpinned by a great culture and our people have created a high-achieving environment that encourages every individual to perform to the highest of standards.

“This recognition is testament to the team’s hard work and I am incredibly proud of our achievement.”

As part of the survey, participants were asked a variety of questions such as what it’s like to work in a recruitment business and what the high performers are doing differently.

Traditionally, culture is an area the recruitment sector struggles in; however, the survey showed that Astute is excelling and has achieved: 

  • Career progression 20% above the average

  • Adaptability 10% above the average

  • Innovation 13% above the average

With the impact of this being an 8-10% reduction in health risks and 8-11% improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction.

The aspects of organisational culture most strongly experienced and endorsed by the Astute team are:

  • Social Responsibility - The organisation values responsible and ethical behaviour

  • Purpose - Individuals are a key part of the organisation and feel valued

  • Results - The organisation has clear goals and a focus on results

If you’re thinking of a career in recruitment, or are considering your next opportunity, learn about our values and what we can offer you.

About the survey:

The survey took place between May and June of 2023 and 37 companies were considered for it.

MyPeople’s Culture Health Check measures four interlinked areas of organisational health:

1) Organisational Culture: This refers to the shared values in the organisation, how work

gets done, and what it feels like to work in the organisation. Organisational Culture is what

guides behaviour in an organisation. The Culture Health Check measures thirteen key

aspects of organisational culture.

2) Employee Engagement: This refers to the overall feeling employees have about their

work and the organisation. The Culture Health Check uses the proven Utrecht Work

Engagement Scale, which comprises a three-part model of engagement:

  • Vigour – Do employees put-in extra effort

  • Dedication – Are employees proud and enthusiastic about their work?

  • Absorption – Are employees immersed in their work?

3) Health and Wellbeing:The key drivers of attrition and workplace stress are measured

based on the Work Engagement Scale. They are:

  • Work Demands – how overworked employees feel

  • Job Boredom – the extent to which employees are tired of their role

  • Low Energy Levels – the loss of energy due to workplace factors

  • Job Satisfaction – the overall satisfaction employees feel with their role

  • Burnout – the combination of all of the above as an indicator of burnout

4) Employee Net Promoter Score: This is an overall rating, on a scale from 0 to 10, of the

extent to which employees would recommend working in the organisation to others. It is

defined as the relative proportion of ‘Promoters’ (ratings of 9 or 10) to ‘Detractors’ (ratings

between 0 and 6).