Astute People Inc.

Portsmouth-based technical recruitment specialists Astute has announced its expansions into North America.
The company, which was founded by Terry Buckel in 2006 and is located at Lakeside North Harbour, will base its US operations in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Terry said, "We’re in a very strong place in what we do, we’ve built up a fantastic brand in the UK in the core areas of where we recruit – Power, Renewables & Nuclear, and rather than spread that wider in terms of broadening out into sectors we don’t know too well, we’ve decided to focus on what we do well and take it somewhere new. 

"We’ve chosen to expand to America as there’s no language barrier and the East Coast time zone difference is around five hours, which is far more manageable than, for instance, Australia. 

"There are big growth opportunities for us in America, especially with anything to do with power generation, renewables and nuclear and there’s a huge emphasis in the US on investment in green technology and the size of the power market is much greater than the UK.
"In all, it means there’s a great opportunity for us to become established there."
As part of Astute's ambitious growth plans, the business has recruited Dan Bisset as VP - North America and Simon Welch as US Operations Manager.

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