APSCo's Representative Committee Elections - Vote for Terry!

We are delighted to announce our Managing Director, Terry Buckel, is running as a candidate in APSCo's Representative Committee Elections. We caught up Terry for a Q&A session so you can learn more about our MD and why he is the man for the job! 

Tell us a little bit about you and Astute.

I’m a former Royal Navy Engineer and made the transition to recruitment in 2001. In 2006 I founded Astute, a leading engineering recruitment business. I started off in a 1-man office, but we have successfully grown the business to over 50 people. This didn’t happen by luck and it was never all plain sailing. In fact, I’ve got the T-shirt when it comes to recruitment: a recession, splitting from business partners, resolving numerous employment/ client issues etc. There isn’t much I haven’t seen. In fact, stop the press! Coronavirus is a new one on me!


What do you think makes a great recruitment business?

I’ve always been a champion of “good recruitment practice”, valuing respect and honesty. I think you need to focus on ensuring that people are treated well and given a real opportunity, including best-in-class L&D, resulting in excellent customer service and quality. You need to be at the forefront of legislative change, in order to advise clients and also react. I also strongly believe that the use of advanced technology including AI and big data is essential. It is quite simple though; recruitment needs to be done properly. Do that and you are onto a winner.


How long have you been members of APSCo?

For 5 years now. We joined when the business was much smaller and they have been supporting me ever since.


What have you gained from being an APSCo member?

Loads. I’ve been on some trade delegations, which are just superb. The last one to the USA and Canada was amazing. We regularly attend a lot of their forums, which allows other people in the business to get out of the office and mix with their peers from other agencies. We regularly use them for advice. It’s also the camaraderie you get from being a member. There is always someone willing to share, help, and even challenge. 


Why do you want to be on the committee?

The regions are not always as well represented as London, and I think I can give a different perspective. We have gone through challenges that many recruiters are going through now, and so I think it is an opportune time to see if that knowledge can be used for the greater good.


So this isn’t about you trying to raise your profile in the industry?

No, not at all. This isn’t a vanity project. It’s about giving something back. Without APSCo we would have wasted time and money on being less prepared. But it relies upon good people stepping up, and I feel like it is my turn.


You mentioned about the regions, is that something you are keen to look at more?

Totally. APSCo has really increased their offering in the regions, but I think we need to be looking at technology, AI etc too. This is something that we have done in our business, and something that I would be looking to help APSCo and their members improve.


What would it mean to be voted onto the committee?

It would be a huge honour. I love recruitment and the industry has been very good to me. There is a great crop of new owners coming through and it has arguably never been a better time to be in the industry. I want to give back to this industry. Often it is the same faces you see and I think it needs to be mixed up a bit.


You are referred to as Terry from Astute. But Astute doesn’t define you. Outside of recruitment, what do you like doing?

I must be a glutton for punishment as my wife and I set up another business 7 years ago; a beauty salon, so we both have busy lives. However, I like to unwind by driving at high speed around a well-known historical race track in Germany called the Nürburgring – strangely it is actually relaxing for me! I’m a big fan of House music as I grew up as a young adult, clubbing in the late ’80s and early ’90s but never got round to visiting Ibiza until I was 40, but that is our holiday destination of choice these days.

If you’re an APSCo member and want someone who is truly passionate about the industry then please vote for Terry here.