Helping our Environment, One Beach Clean at a Time

In May, Astute swapped headsets for litter-pickers and headed to Eastney Beach. 

Our mission for the day? To clean up the beach and make a positive impact on our beautiful coastline, in support of The Final Straw Foundation, a local environmental charity with a mission to transform our local beaches and sealife.

Lissie, the COO of The Final Straw Foundation, gathered us all together to give a briefing on why we were there and to discuss the impact we are making to our community. 

She shared some eye-opening facts about the staggering amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every year (up to 12 million tonnes). She also gave advice on how we can protect our sealife and wildlife. 

Astute’s mission of recruiting great people to power a sustainable world mirrors the foundation's dedication to preserving our oceans and combating environmental pollution. So, equipped with gloves, bags, and litter-pickers, we split into smaller groups and combed the beach, searching in every nook and cranny for litter.

The sheer amount of litter we found was astonishing. 

From plastic bottles and wrappers to discarded toys and fishing nets (and a few questionable items as well), each tiny piece we picked up felt like a massive victory.

Our efforts may have seemed like just a drop in the ocean, but every piece of litter removed from the beach was a step in the right direction toward preserving our coastal ecosystem. It was a special feeling knowing that our actions, combined with those of countless others, could make a significant impact in the long run. 

While the primary objective of the day was to clean up the beach, the experience offered so much more. 

We enjoyed the fresh sea air, soaked up the sun, and even got some exercise in the process. It was a much-needed reminder that taking care of our environment can also be fun and rewarding. 

We were also fortunate enough to get a fashion show from James, as he modelled the latest in beach cleaning fashion. 

The best bit about the day was that it wasn't limited to just us. We were all encouraged to bring along partners, children, and even our four-legged friends. Karianne brought her super-photogenic pooch, Hewie, along. 

On a completely unrelated note, Astute now has a brand new mascot!