3 things to consider when going to market with your job opportunity

In today's competitive job market, candidates are not just seeking employment; they are searching for opportunities that match their career goals, aspirations, and personal values.

Clearly, the financial package and job location will always be important factors in a candidate’s decision making, however, as organisations strive to attract top talent it is crucial to understand the key elements that candidates are looking for in their next role.

Across Astute’s Renewables sector we are increasingly hearing the importance leading candidates are placing on three aspects:

  • Progression
  • Reputation
  • Culture


For many candidates, professional growth and advancement are crucial factors when considering a new role.

They seek opportunities that offer a clear path for progression and skill development.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Clear career development structure 

Organisations that offer a well-defined career development framework with clear promotion criteria and opportunities for growth will always prove attractive to the top candidates, who want to know that their hard work will be rewarded and that they can continuously improve their skills and responsibilities.

  • Learning and development programmes

Companies that invest in training and development initiatives create a highly attractive employee value proposition. Offering mentorship, workshops, conferences, or access to online learning platforms demonstrates a commitment to nurturing employee potential.

  • Challenging projects and responsibilities

The opportunity to work on stimulating and impactful projects is a significant driver for many candidates seeking roles that allow them to expand their expertise, contribute to meaningful work, and make a tangible difference within the organisation and beyond.


A company’s reputation often plays a vital role in a candidate's decision-making process.

While it may be subjective, perceived reputation and recognition can greatly influence a candidate's attraction to an organisation.

Therefore, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • Brand

Companies with strong brand recognition and a positive reputation are highly appealing to active and passive candidates.

The stature associated with a reputable organisation can provide a sense of assurance and validation.

  • Industry leadership

Candidates are often drawn to organisations that lead the way in their respective industries.

Working for an industry frontrunner can provide opportunities for growth, learning from the best, and being part of ground-breaking innovations.

  • Track record

A company's track record of accomplishments, such as winning awards, achieving growth milestones, or notable contributions to society, can be highly enticing to candidates seeking to be part of a successful and respected team.


Company culture has become a critical consideration for candidates seeking job satisfaction and fulfilment.

Focus on the following aspects:

  • Values and mission

Candidates are increasingly looking for organisations whose values align with their own and are seeking a sense of purpose in their work and desire to be part of a company that shares their vision and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

  • Work-life balance and flexibility

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is a priority for many job seekers, especially as a result of the pandemic and the increase in hybrid and flexible approaches to working patterns.

Organisations that emphasise flexible working arrangements, support wellbeing initiatives, and prioritise work-life integration are really standing out in the marketplace.

  • Collaborative and supportive atmosphere

A positive workplace culture is one where collaboration, teamwork, and support thrive.

Candidates are interested in organisations that foster a sense of community, encourage diversity, and provide a safe space for ideas, feedback, and growth.

Emphasising your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

To attract and retain top talent, organisations must pay attention to what candidates are seeking in their next role.

Progression, reputation and culture are three crucial elements that significantly impact a candidate's decision.

By offering opportunities for career growth, establishing a strong reputation, and cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment, companies can position themselves as desirable employers, attracting exceptional talent and paving the way for mutual success.

Partnering with an experienced recruitment agency that can advise on your EVP and how best to take your role to market is key, especially in a talent shy market. 

A professional recruiter will be able to highlight your company’s reputation and culture as well as address any of the candidate’s questions around progression opportunities.

Furthermore, partnering with a recruitment agency, especially on a retained basis, shows your organisation is committed to the recruitment process and further help your brand stand out in a candidate shy market.

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About the author

Tim Norford joined Astute in September 2019 as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and is now the Head of Renewables, leading the Renewable Energy division within the business.

For a conversation with Tim you can reach him on:

T: +442393910108

E: tnorford@astutetechnical.co.uk

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