10 reasons why you should continue your job search in the lead up to Christmas

"It’s nearly Christmas. I’ll start my job search again in the new year."

Does this sound like you? Read on to find out why continuing your job search during the festive period could give you the advantage.

1. Companies are still hiring

Just because it's leading up to the Christmas shut down, it doesn’t mean there aren’t vacancies that need to be filled. In fact, many companies want to get a head start to make sure they have the people they need in place for the new year.

2. You’ll have less competition for roles than at other times of the year

For most people, looking for another job – especially if you are already employed – comes second to the hectic plans and preparation that Christmas time brings. If you are someone that is good at multitasking, you might find there is less competition for jobs at this time of year, increasing your chances of interviews and job offers.

3. Christmas events are networking opportunities

Seasonal functions during December could be the perfect opportunity to connect with people who might be able to help with your job search. Make sure you bring along a business card and don’t be shy when approaching people and explaining your situation.

4. Live the meaning ‘New Year, New Career'

Don’t start the year with a list of resolutions. Forget starting the new year at the same job, promising yourself that you will start your job search at some point. By getting ahead of the game in December, you could potentially go into the new year with a new job lined up – really giving you the chance to kick start your new year the right way!

5. The Christmas break could help with your notice period

It’s tricky negotiating start dates with your new employer and your current one and having to please both parties. With the Christmas holiday shutdown, you could find this problem is easily solved as well as allowing you to have time off between your employment. Happy days!

6. Use your time off to help prepare for New Year Interviews

Time off at Christmas is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your interview technique or go over your CV.For additional help, take a look at our interview preparation tips.

7. Prevent a job search rut

If you stop your job search over Christmas, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things in the new year, especially with the post-Christmas blues. Keep the momentum going and you’ll be able to quickly spot the best opportunities for you.

8. Reconnect with existing contacts

Don’t just wait for networking opportunities to speak with your contacts. The holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with recruiters and previous employers to wish them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year and remind them that you are around.

9. Avoid the January rush

The new year is full of reminders to start afresh and there will be plenty of people on the job hunt in January. Beat the rush and have your new start planned by Christmas day.

10. It can be easier to catch people – and in the festive spirit!

As businesses wind down for their break, many hiring managers will be spending more time at their desks and finishing up projects, probably in a much happier mood to boot. This could be the perfect opportunity to approach them about potential vacancies they might have now, or in the new year giving yourself another head start and helping you to stand out from the crowd.