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Lauren White

Senior Recruitment Consultant Waste Management

In December 2017, Lauren joined the Waste Management team as a Recruitment Consultant. As a child, Lauren developed a creative flair and had her sights set on becoming an actress, attending drama school and weekends. As she matured she found an affinity for both English and Maths and developed an aptitude for business. At Bournemouth University Lauren completed a degree in Retail Business Management, which she later utilised when working as a People Operations Manager in an international FTSE 100 company. There she further developed her knowledge of business, HR, sales and marketing.

With solid experience of recruitment under her belt, Lauren was attracted to Astute due its culture. Now that she’s a mum she needs something more stimulating than CBeebies, so is looking forward to the personal development opportunities available.

A typical weekend for Lauren includes the odd series as well as some high-intensity fitness such as spinning. This is then carefully counter-balanced by some fine dining and a glass of white wine.  One day Lauren plans to increase her knowledge of the Spanish language, go on a meditation retreat and learn to cook an authentic Thai dish from scratch, preferably on a beach in Krabi. She has previously travelled to Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile, although a treasured destination was Peru, where Lauren trekked through the Amazon and hung out with llamas on the Inca trail. Ever the adventurer, Lauren experienced the aftermath of hurricane Katrina when on a cruise off the coast of the Bahamas; apparently it ‘was a bit choppy’. Although he doesn’t know it yet, Lauren intends to go travelling in Asia with her son.