ASTUTE Technical Recruitment Limited interacts with a wide variety of people, including our Employees, Clients, Candidates, Suppliers, and the wider community. It is important that we behave in a socially responsible manner, maintaining high-quality standards. We understand social and environmental concerns and aim to operate in a way which adds value in everything we do. 

Our business values and operations must meet the expectations of our stakeholders, which is why we continually review the way in which ASTUTE operates, to maximise our effectiveness. We take feedback from our stakeholders very seriously and maintain open dialogue which helps us to fulfil our requirements. We communicate our strategies openly, ensuring ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders, and have a continual commitment to sustainable development.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy covers the following areas; 



Equal Opportunities

Health and Safety

Environmental / Waste Energy 


ASTUTE’s key assets are our Employees, encompassing all departments. For this reason, we feel it is vital to offer each member of staff a structured training and development programme, to develop their career with us. We monitor our staff on a continual basis, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a programme to address key areas and encourage our employees to gain appropriate industry related qualifications, with financial assistance from the company. 

We believe it important to build an enjoyable working environment which includes the opportunity for working flexible hours around a set of core hours. Fresh fruit is provided on a weekly basis. We have a committee that regularly meets to organise various social events throughout the year whilst remaining mindful of a variety of interests. Employees also have the opportunity to join the company football team which plays every Wednesday after work. 

We are keen to ensure employees are rewarded for playing a part in the growth and ultimate success of the company whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 

ASTUTE is keen to work closely with the local community to add value, and be involved in a number of initiatives and fund raising events for various charities including MacMillan, Crohn’s and Colitis UK and the local Christmas Gift Bank. This we achieve by way of themed days, dress down days and cake sales. 

Equal Opportunities 

 ASTUTE is an Equal Opportunities employer, which supports the principles of the Equal Opportunities Act 1976, and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. We aim to ensure that all candidates seeking employment do so on equal standing and also operate a diversity policy. 

We are committed to ensuring that no candidate will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender, marital or parental status, political belief, social or economic class or any other reason which ASTUTE deems unjustifiable. 

Health and Safety 

ASTUTE enforces a Health and Safety Policy, ensuring that we identify and manage risk and consult with our employees on any issues which may affect their welfare. 
We have invested in a number of employees to become First Aid trained and provide and maintain a safe office environment. All electrical equipment is routinely PAT tested. Our employees understand the need to work in a safe manner to help prevent accidents and maintain healthy working conditions. 

Environmental /Waste 

ASTUTE is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with sound environmental practices. 

In order to achieve our goals, we look to minimise our consumption of natural resources and energy, whilst consuming material goods in moderation. We try to reduce the creation of waste by the adoption of improved operating practices, such as running a virtually paperless office, submitting invoices electronically, and asking candidates to submit their CVs in electronic format. Where we do create waste we aim to recycle, where possible, and ASTUTE has a range of recycling bins for various materials, including Laser Cartridges, Cans, Paper and Plastics. 

All waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, and we keep up to date with environmental legislation, helping to understand our impact on the environment and develop new processes. ASTUTE’s staff are trained and educated on key environmental factors, in the context of our business environment. 
This policy is particularly relevant and important to ASTUTE as we work with a number of organisations within Environmental, Power Generation, Renewables and Waste. 


ASTUTE appreciates the need to operate in an energy efficient manner, especially as we work closely with a number of companies within Power Generation and Renewables. We attempt to reduce our energy consumption in a variety of ways, including turning down the water heating setting, turning off lights when not in use, and unplugging mobile phones as soon as they have finished charging. 

A number of ASTUTE’s employees share lifts to and from work and we also ask that our staff share lifts when travelling to client visits. ASTUTE also offer a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme to promote a healthier journey to work and reduce environmental pollution. We also actively encourage our staff to endorse energy efficient practices out of work, such as using energy efficient light bulbs in the home.