Paul Martin

Business Development Director

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A man with a wealth of recruitment experience having joined the industry in 1989, Paul officially joined Astute as the Director of Contract Recruitment in April 2017 and moved to the role of Business Development Director in January 2019. Paul has been in client-side business development since 1998, started an engineering recruitment business from scratch and been part of the team that grew it into a Group with a turnover of £125M and 200 staff, so he must have been doing something right. He has worked in 360-degree contingency, corporate PSL, and MSP (Contract) and RPO (Permanent) domains so should be able to help you, whatever your recruitment headache!

Paul had known Terry Buckel, Astute’s MD, for several years, as they had previously worked together, so it was only natural for a business partnership to form and in September 2015 Paul began consulting for Astute.

With a reputation for being a bit of a sunshine-junkie, Paul likes to pop over to Europe as often as possible to indulge in some fine wine and dining with his wife, who luckily for Paul, is an expert chef so learns a few culinary secrets to bring back home. Another, marginally less expensive, passion of Paul’s is music; his ever-expanding vinyl collection contains an eclectic mix of 80s synth pop, 90s dance and house, country and modern pop. His other hobbies include football (still playing occasionally), cycling (having completed two 4-day charity events, London to Paris and 3 Cities), snooker and his new passion, a very cute Cavapoochon dog called Teddy.

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