Dan Parker

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Before joining Astute in September 2016, Dan had had previous dealings with recruitment when working as an Operations Manager for several major companies in the power distribution and telecommunications industries. He has since helped the Nuclear team flourish in to a thriving department, building upon its wider success by increasing business development. A standard day involves checking in with candidates, meeting clients and keeping up to date with industry news. He is always keen to improve his technical understanding, having a genuine passion for nuclear engineering specifically in the field of safety and risk assessment, and considers any day that he has learned something new to be a day well spent.

A family man, Dan hopes to take his wife and daughters to Disneyland Florida, allegedly for them. He also quite likes the idea of trekking along the Great Wall of China and following the England cricket team on one of their West Indies tours. Whilst those aren’t daily activities Dan can often be found catching up on rugby and football and spending time with his girls.

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