Covanta is Recruiting for the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility

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Joining Our Team and Finding Success

Making a difference on a global scale, or even a personal one, is never easy. It takes focus, dedication and talent. It is also important to prioritize what matters to you. We recognize that work-life balance is an essential component of mental well-being, so we provide our teams with comprehensive tools and benefits to help them lead their best lives inside and outside the workplace.

Become a Protector of Tomorrow

At Covanta, the work we do is more than just a job. It’s a commitment to environmental problem-solving and sustainable progress—to do all that we can to safeguard the future of our people, our planet and our shared prosperity. Building a safer, smarter world is no simple task, but it is something we can achieve together. Join us in protecting tomorrow.

Dedication to Integrity, Innovation and Inclusion

We value the unique viewpoints and experiences of the people we serve and those we employ. After all, innovation happens when diverse perspectives find their voices through open dialogue in a supportive environment.

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Our Recruiters

We recruit people with varied backgrounds and experience levels to create a work environment where employees learn from one another and enjoy fulfilling careers.
"Our work with the Covanta is very important to this city. We're helping to establish a'green' community".
Thelma Latima-Davis - American Airlines
Environmental Engineer
"Covanta is playing a very important part for us by offering a truly sustainable way to manage what we cannot recycle. They helped us take our sustainability efforts to a whole new level."
Barbara Baker - Lancaster County Solid Waste
Recycling Manager

Creating a Sustainable Future

From the plant floor to the corporate office, Covanta employees share a common commitment to the three pillars of sustainability - people, the planet and prosperity. Our culture is one of purpose and teamwork, inspiring our dedicated professionals to create a world where no waste is ever wasted.
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