It’s a huge compliment when your business is referred for a new project, even more so when it’s an international referral for a new build 1200MW CCGT power station for Nuon Magnum in The Netherlands.

The site in Eemshaven was part way through construction and the EPC contractor, Mitsubishi Corporation, invited Managing Director Terry Buckel to meet the Japanese procurement team on site where they agreed terms, discussed the various opportunities available and the challenges they’d experienced when recruiting people.

With a wealth of experience to support him, Terry accepted the challenge head on and focused on combatting the biggest single barrier: Dutch labour laws made it very difficult for UK limited company contractors from working and enjoying their usual entitlements. Terry established working relationships with reputable and experienced International umbrella companies that could engage contractors in a legal and compliant manner that satisfied in-country legislation. 

Astute were keen to demonstrate to Mitsubishi that their exemplary business ethics and strict adherence to compliancy was still to the highest standards, as administered in the UK.

There were a variety of roles filled by Astute: construction managers, project managers, completions engineers, QA engineers, commissioning engineers, commissioning managers, commissioning operators, PTW (permit to work) engineers and PTW supervisors; up to 15 highly skilled candidates were sourced over a 2-year period.

Astute identified candidates that brought skills and experience from other industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, ship building and waste to energy industries. With your client requesting the highest standards of H&S and quality standards, it wasn’t always easy to locate candidates that could relocate overseas, at short notice, and with the wealth and breadth of knowledge desired, but we were able to utilise Astute’s expertise to effectively recruit the best talent.