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Looking for a new job can be a daunting experience; updating your CV, searching for jobs and writing applications all takes valuable time and energy. Whether it's personal, practical or professional, people change jobs for a variety of reasons. Whatever your circumstance, Astute can help.  

We dig below the surface, asking the pertinent questions that ensure we truly understand your background and what it is that you want. Entrusting us with your future is not taken lightly, so when we ask for detailed examples of how you have used your skills in previous roles, or inquire about where you will realistically relocate to, it's because we want total transparency. Your qualifications, experience and ambitions will help us shape your successful career path through Astute. 

As with many of the best things in life, it can take time to find the right job for the right candidate. Before the internet made everything accessible, we were more reliant on being employed by people we knew in our local area.

Job hunting has progressed a long way and we can now find almost anything we want with a click of a button - or can we? If you were looking for a blue t-shirt, then you'd be able to find millions in an instant. But looking for a pale blue, medium sized t-shirt made from ethically sourced cotton that can be delivered within 3 days might be a bit more difficult. It is the same with recruitment. Your ambitions, family circumstances, salary expectations, career aspirations, skill set and preferred working hours are as unique as you are. We delve deeper so that by the time you have your interview, the client is already aware of all that you have to offer.

We are passionate about providing you with a role that excites you so we use our knowledge, experience and a little creativity. At Astute, we promise not to throw you at the first job we find simply to fill a vacancy. Obviously we don't want to divulge all of our secrets, however, we have a plethora of resources at our disposal including CV databases, social media sites, access to job fairs, and recommendations from candidates currently working. As a smaller independent agency, we offer a more personal experience, with continual support and most importantly the ability to deliver on our promises. 

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This is the guiding principle that underpins why many consider us to be the technical recruiter of choice. Our knowledge of our industries, clients and candidates gives us the power to deliver the high quality service our customers have come to expect. ​

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Established in 2006 by a qualified Power Generation Engineer, technical understanding is at the heart of our business. We are proud to have built a reputation that reflects the passion we have for delivering the very best services.

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To find out more about how we can help you to find the people you need or your next position speak to one of our expert consultants by calling +44 (0)2392 221 600 or email


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