Quantity Surveyors: Playing a vital role in the UK's construction industry plans


According to, the UK construction industry employs approximately 3 million people in the UK, making up 10% of UK employment. Despite over 44,000 of  those employed as Quantity Surveyors, the industry is still in short supply – which could jeopardise the UK’s plans for construction growth.

The job opportunities for Quantity Surveyors within the construction industry are diverse.  From property development projects through to landmark transport and infrastructure schemes, there is a wealth of interesting opportunities for those with the right skills in this profession. Quantity Surveyors play a crucial role in construction projects, and with the development of the UK Construction industry set out by the Government, the need for Quantity Surveyors has never been greater.

‘Construction 2025’

To meet the requirements of the future, ‘Construction 2025’ has been developed as a joint strategy between the Government and industry, aiming to put the UK at the forefront of global construction over the coming decade. To achieve this the Government plans include lowering costs, providing faster delivery, and investing in smart construction and digital design. Working with industry, the Government want to ensure British companies are well-placed to take advantage of new opportunities in construction and are committed to seeing Britain compete in a race forecasted to see a growth of over 70% by 2025 globally.

Demand for Quantity Surveyors

These aspirations set out by Construction 2025 could be challenged by a well-known threat to industry; skills shortages. In the Q1: RICS UK Construction and Infrastructure Market Survey, 60% of respondents reported a shortage of workforce as the biggest impediment to growth, with the insufficient availability of Quantity Surveyors at its highest in 10 years. With an ageing workforce and a small pipeline of talent coming into the industry, the focus is on promoting careers in construction to encourage a younger generation into the industry. With the aim of improving the perception of construction, it hopes that it will also encourage gender diversity in the industry.

Construction Investment

Construction 2025 sets out several aims to grow the industry; one of which sees £11bn investment in energy over the next decade as well as increasing demand in commercial property.  In addition, the aim is for 1.7-2.5 million new homes in a huge retrofit programme. The role that Quantity Surveyors will play in the development of Construction 2025 is vital due to being specifically involved in lifecycle costing and planning and helping to ensure that projects meet the aims set out by the Government. In addition, Quantity Surveyors are also playing a part in ensuring sustainability is considered in future UK construction projects.    

Astute has already observed a high volume of companies looking to recruit Quantity Surveyors, as Senior Recruitment Consultant Greg Storey explains:

Businesses within the construction sector are always looking for skilled Quantity Surveyors for upcoming projects. As the construction sector grows under the development of the Government plans, more and more roles will become available to meet demand.  We’ve certainly noticed a rise in opportunities over the last couple of months, both on a permanent and contract basis.

Whether you specialise in Civils or M&E, please do get in touch to hear about the positions we have open – we’d love to hear from you.

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